Guitar Board Amp 280

Guitar Board Amp 280

This small but powerful amplifier uses exactly the same technology we use in our well known Camplifier product line,which serves KPA Toaster users all over the world since 2012. We updated our Camplifier product line in 2019 for more power, universal mains and we eliminated the internal fan. 

Since we offered a pedal sized amplifier with the previous Camplifier line and people loved it, we figured we should offer a similar product again, but packed with the latest technology we now use for the current amplifier line.

The demand now is even greater than before, because modern guitar solution such as the Kemper stage, Line6 HELIX, Headrush, Mooer, Digitech, Boss….you name it ; take over the modern guitarists world by storm.

Most of these products are guitar pre-amps which process the guitar signal with amp models, effects and speaker models (or profiles).

To use them in a live or band rehearsal situation you need some sort of power amplifier. That power amplifier should be transparent (the sound should come from the floor unit, not from the power amp), light weight and powerful.

This is what we offer with our GBAs Guitar Board Amps !!!

Here are some of the improvements we included in the new guitar board amps :

Picture shows connected the “old” GAB 290 connected to a FX board (not included)

Traveling the world : We offered an optional mains voltage selector switch for the former 180 watts model, so you could take it anywhere in the world, where they might have a different mains standard, and use it there. Although that worked fine, one had to be aware of the local mains standard and switch the selector switch from 120V to 230V or vise versa before switching ON the unit. That is a thing of the past now. The Camplifier 280 can handle all mains standards this world has to offer (85-265V / 50-60Hz), without any action needed from your side.No more worries about the local mains standard during your next world tour. Just plugin and play.

Use that cabinet, no matter what : The GAB 180 was limited to a minimal speaker cabinet impedance of 8 ohms. That meant you could not use your old 4 ohms cabinet, or the 4 ohms cabinet which might have been provided by the local club you were playing in. Although that has been no big problem, since most guitar cabinets are 8 or 16 ohms and not 4 ohms, it is always good to have the choice and be able to play with whatever cabinet is around when you need one, right ? Four ohms, eight ohms or sixteen ohms – it does not matter. The new GBA 280 will work with all of them.

Last, but not least – MORE POWER !!!! : People have never complained about having not enough power with the 180 watts model. It delivered 180 watts@8 ohms or 90 watts@16 ohms and that has been more than enough for almost all situations. However, it is always nice to have a little more. The days are over when you might have to worry about having not enough power on your hands with your GBA 280.

Here are the new power specifications :

RMS power @1% THD @230V










Burst Power 500 W :  We introduced the first GAB in 2014. 5 years are a long time when it comes to technical development. The new class D power amplifier of the GBA 280, together with its modern internal power supply, is technical superior over that of the former model. We could not complain about the sound quality of the GAB 180 and there was not much to improve there. However, some test users of the new amplifier state that it sounds even more transparent and more defined. The new amplifier runs internally at much higher voltage levels and its power handling design has been vastly improved. All of this leads to much higher burst power numbers. Burst power is the power the unit can supply to a speaker cabinet for a very short time. You can think of it as “attack headroom”. That means your attack will stay nice and punchy, fast and clear – without compression or signal distortion.


335 Euro*

for customers outside of EU and Switzerland *399 Euro including 19% German VAT for customers inside EU / prices are excluding shipping cost

  • 280 watts @ 4 ohms
  • 245 watts @ 8 ohms
  • 125 watt @ 16 ohms
  • 500 watts burst power @ 4 Ohm
  • no internal fan
  • universal mains supply (85-265VAC/50-60Hz)
  • 1/4” signal input socket mono unbalanced
  • Speakon / 1/4” combi speaker socket
  • power switch
  • IEC socket
  • power cable included
  • weight: 1,8 kg
  • dimensions: HxWxD 85x130x230mm