GAB 180

GAB 290

Guitar Amp Brick 180 / 290

This small but powerful amplifiers uses exactly the same technology we use in our well known Camplifier product line. Our Camplifiers serve KPA users since 2012 all over the world and hundreds of players are very satisfied with the sound and reliability of these devises. So why another product with the same technology, but in a different enclosure format ?

Well, KPA rack users can now use our Camplifier technology with their KPA units too. The KPA rack is very short and the GABs are very small, so they will fit into the back of a rack case in many cases. It can stay there and be all wired up for immediate use. There are other good guitar processors on the market, such as the HELIX ore the AX-8 board unit.

Picture shows connected GAB – FX board not included

Why not putting the GAB next to a HELIX, for example, on a board and have a small and high end guitar amplifier system on your floor board ? Just choose your model, connect a speaker cabinet to the GAB and go for it !