Your great sounding and powerful solution for your KPA amplification needs !

You are aware of the add on amplifier modules “Camplifier” for the un-powered KPA toaster ?

We started to offer these units in 2012, and shipped many hundred units to KPA users all over the world.

Since Mr. Kemper came out with the Rack – KPA , people were asking about “a Camplifier for my new Rack KPA ?”.

We listened to our customers and packed all the good stuff the “Toaster-Camplifier” contains into a short 1U / 1HE rack unit. 

These units contain exactly the same technology as the Toaster-Camplifiers, so sound quality is no issue and has been proven hundreds of times for over 5 years now.

We managed to install all of this into a 1U / 1HE rack unit with a depth of 25cm only. This unit will happily fit into racks and flight cases designed for the KPA.

The only technical difference to the Toaster-version (except the housing) is the voltage selector, which is installed into the new Camplifer-Rack as a standard feature.
This means all Camplifier-Rack units are ready for your next world tour, just as the KPA is :-).

Camplifier Rack 180

Camplifier Rack 290

Camplifier Rack 360