180W mono or 2x90W stereo add on amplifier module for the KPA lunch-box

The Camplifier 290 can run in stereo mode. This will give you two separate and independent channels. You can use your stereo effects by sending power to two separate speaker cabinets or to a speaker cabinet that has been wired to have two separate channels (such as the Marshall 1960 cabinets , for example).

On the stereo channels, cabinets down to 4 ohms can be powered with up to 90 watts per channel. Both stereo channels can be patched to play the same signal to two separate speaker cabinets by sending signal to the right signal input of the Camplifier 290 only. In bridged mode, the power of the two stereo channels will be combined and sent to the bridged / mono speaker output.. On it, you can power up an 8 ohms cabinet with up to 180 watts or an 16 ohms cabinet with up to 90 watts.

The Camplifier 290 can run in stereo OR in bridged mode.


377 Euro*

outside EU and Switzerland
*449 Euro including 19% German VAT for customers inside EU / prices are excluding shipping cost

  • 180 watts @ 8 ohms mono
  • 90 watts @ 4 ohms stereo
  • 360 watts max
  • jack inputs (unbalanced)
  • speakon - 1/4" combi sockets for speaker connection
  • illuminated power switch
  • IEC socket
  • power cable included in delivery
  • 120V and 230V version available*
  • voltage selector switch (120V/230V) available (optional) for world wide usability
  • volume knob available (optional)
  • weight: 1 kg